How to play Roulette

There are thousands of casinos around the world and all of them have a multitude of games from which you can choose. This ensures the customer is satisfied and will prolong its stay as long as possible. Those aforementioned „rules”, if you want to call them that, are relevant even for the online space. If the offer of games is numerous, the client won’t feel the need to switch casinos.

And that makes a lot of sense if you think about it. But there is one game that is in the center of attention on every casino, online or offline and it’s a must have. Even though some casinos don’t have a large variety of slots, games or even table top games, this one is always present. A game that is the pillar for all the casinos around the world, it’s more of a trademark directly associated with them. We are talking about Roulette.

Roulette is extremely popular in cities that have an active gambling community like Atlantic City or Las Vegas and it’s like a landmark in some cases. This is because of its lower chance of winning, it makes it more thrilling and when a win it’s taking place you will hear it in the entire casino (this is available only for the real life casino experience). In the online space the gaming experience is nearly identical to the offline one.

Most of the betting websites offer a great user experience with an interface that mimics with great accuracy the real deal. But it misses the human interaction that for some is really important. But in the past few years online casinos implemented the Live Roulette experience with is broadcasting a live stream with a dealer that spins the wheel and gives you the ability to have a somewhat livelier gambling endeavor. You can play the games as you would on a normal online roulette, but the entire game is broadcasted live to you and your fellow table mates. But the main advantage of the online roulette experience is the fact that you can enjoy a game from every corner of your house (and not only) you just need an internet connection. But now let’s take a closer look at the game, see its origins and see also the gameplay.

What is Roulette?

For those that are not accustomed with gambling and want to learn more about Roulette i will bring you up to pace in an instant. Basically Roulette is a game found mostly in casinos. The game has his name origins from French, meaning „little wheel”. The first known trace of the game that we see today is dating back from 18th century, although a similar one is dating back from 17th century. The game play of Roulette borrows elements from a multitude of games like: Roly-Poly, Reiner, Ace of Hearts, and E.O. Those contributed directly on what we are seeing today.

There are two main types of Roulette:

  • the European Roulette (it only has one 0 on the wheel)
  • the American Roulette (it has two 0 on the wheel)

How to play Roulette?

On the Roulette there are 6 seats, and to help the dealer know which player is which, they are assigned a chip that is colored differently. Each game of Roulette has its own chip value and it will be displayed at the table. Based on the chip value, when you give the dealer a 10$ bill (as an example) he will ask you the chip value that you want to assign. The wheel of the roulette has 36 numbers (and one or two zeros) and they are color coated as red or black. Then a ball is launched when the wheel spins, if the ball lands on the color or number you choose, you win.

There are two main ways of betting on roulette: on the inside or outside.

On the inside you bet on the numbers that are laid down on the board. Here you can choose to bet on a single number, on two numbers, these numbers, four numbers or six numbers. When one of those numbers comes up, you win! When you bet on more than one number the chip/chips is/are placed by the dealers on the meeting point of those numbers.

On the outside you can bet on odd numbers or even numbers, on colors (red or black) or on number ranges, also there is the 2 to 1 bet.

How to win?

As i’m sure you know, Roulette doesn’t have a secret way to win a round, this is because it’s a game of probability. Based on your bet you have a certain chance to win. This change cannot be influenced by any means. Roulette it’s not a activity on which you win game after game, it’s more just for fun. It’s a game that if you won it, then it will be advised to leave the table. If you play again and again, the chances of you to lose it all, increases by each spin of the wheel. But there are a few bets that can increase your chance of winning. More precisely let’s look at betting on red or black and numbers range. On both there is a change of 12 from 36 (+ the zero/zeros) that you will win and it’s the best you can get if you want to play it safe somehow.

In conclusion Roulette it’s a game that has a history. It’s a gambling game that it presents the user with excitement and an adrenaline rush when the wheel is spinned. Give it a try in an offline or online casino, you might actually like it. Also bring some friends with you! The experience is extremely enjoyable when there are others around you.

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